Some pretty diamonds

Some pretty diamonds

Jewels are precious stones in Mushmoot FlyFF that can be added to weapons for additional stats or can be used to craft a +10 weapon into an Ultimate weapon.

There are 2 ways to get jewels in Mushmoot:

Upgrade a common or rare weapon to +10 then convert it to the jewel of your preference. Farm select Dungeon Bosses, who drop jewels (dominantly emeralds and diamonds. Sapphires rarely).

Upgrading Weapons For Jewels

For the jewel you want, upgrade a blue or green weapon of that appropriate level. Return of investment is better with green weapons. Blue = 20 of select jewel; Green = 40 of select jewel.

The success conversion rate is greater the more you upgrade the weapon. If you cash in a +3 weapon, the success of conversion is low; if you cash in a +10 weapon, conversion never fails.

  • Topaz: 60 weapon
  • Ruby: 75 weapon
  • Sapphire: 90 weapon
  • Emerald: 105 weapon
  • Diamond: 120 weapon

Guardian, Historic, Angel, and Legendary weapons can be purchased at Boboku in Flaris.

Farming Jewels from Dungeon Bosses

* If a boss is not listed here, the boss does not drop any jewels.

  • Elliun Boss: Diamonds and Emeralds (variable amount)
  • Ankou: Diamonds and Emeralds (variable amount)
  • Kalgas: Diamonds, Emeralds, and RC Beads (variable amount)
  • Bestial Thron (Surda): Diamonds (variable amount)
  • Beast King Khan: Diamonds (variable amount)
  • Beast Overlord Khan: Diamonds (variable amount)
  • Guan Yu Heavyblade: Diamonds (variable amount)