Raised Pet System

Pets are player companions that give the player extra stats. Thes pets gain higher stats as they upgrade in class. Every time you turn in your pet to upgrade the class it will gain a random level and advance to the next rank.

In order to upgrade a pet, a player must increase a chosen pet’s experience to 99.99%. This can be achieved by leaving a pet in its summoned state, keep in mind that this will cause a pet’s HP to degrade unless a Feed Bag and Pet Feed or Pet Medicine is used. After achieving 99.99% exp on a pet, talking to the Pet Tamer will give the player a quest to upgrade his/her pet.

Pets hatch from eggs which can be bought from the Pet Tamer (2 million Penya in Flaris). A pet starts with 1 life and the maximum is 99. It is possible to obtain more pet lives by purchasing an item called a “Pet Energy” from the Vote Shop and Mushmoot Seller 3 in game. If a pet has 0 lives left, this means that if it were to die again, it will be dead forever until it is revived. In order to revive a pet one must buy the “Scrolls of Pet Revival“. There are 3 different revival scrolls sold by the Vote Shop (B-class), Mushmoot Seller 3 (B, A, and S class) and Black Seller 1 (B and A class). One for S Class pets, one for A Class pets and one for B Class pets. It is impossible to revive C or D class pets.

Raised Pets can also have awakenings. Scroll of Pet Awakenings are available in Flaris from [Jewel Manager] Peach. Scroll of Pet Reversion [Raised Pets] are available for purchase from Farm Seller 1 in game.


Tiger, Unicorn, and Fox Pets in Mushmoot FlyFF

Tiger, Unicorn, and Fox Pets in Mushmoot FlyFF


  • Unicorn: Health Points
  • Lion: Stamina
  • Dragon: Attack
  • Griffin: Defense
  • Tiger: Strength
  • Fox: Intelligence
  • Rabbit: Dexterity


The Pet State Window:


The Pet State Window shows your pets current Level, Ability, Pet HP, Leveling HP, and Stats. Hovering over the Stats shows your pets Ability Addition for you.

Change Pet Stats:

To change a pet’s stats, buy a Chance of the Pet Tamer  or Blessing of the Pet Tamer  from Farm Seller 1.

Chance of the Pet Tamer will randomize the last 2 stats on your pet. So if your pet is 1/2/4, you could randomize the stats to 1/3/3. This item only works on B, A, and S pets.

Blessing of the Pet Tamer reduces a pet to it’s previous level at 99.99%, giving the player a chance to get a higher level for their pet. For instance, 1/3/5/1: return to 1/3/5 for the possibility of 1/3/5/7.

Pet Leveling Statistics:

Level Best Stat Feed/Minute Pet Feed Time
Egg N/A N/A ??? N/A
D 1 0.75 ??? ~2.1h
C 1/3 0.37 ??? ~4.5h
B 1/3/5 0.18 ??? ~9.2h
A 1/3/5/7 0.09 ??? ~18.5h
S 1/3/5/7/9 N/A N/A N/A